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Waste and Recycling Industry Market Data
Our Services Add Value to Any Stakeholder in the Waste Recycling Industry
Private Sector Organizations
  • Pre-position for upcoming public sector contracts for collection, processing, transportation, and disposal
  • Evaluate 50, 100, and 200 mile radiuses for new facilities and facility expansions
  • Manage inbound or outbound material stream quality based on a customized sampling and testing protocol using the WasteInsight™ online platform
  • Characterize feedstocks and/or product streams for composition, purity, Btu value, and other attributes
  • Verify zero landfill performance for corporate sustainability reporting
  • Enhance due diligence research for investments in the waste and recycling industry
Public Sector Organizations
  • Benchmark service rates and systems against local, regional, state, and national peers
  • Track regional and local market pricing and service levels
  • Characterize waste streams using a variety of desktop tools supplemented by field data collection
  • Audit recycling contracts to achieve a fair and transparent revenue share
  • Verify zero landfill performance for corporate sustainability reporting
Trade Associations
  • Aggregate market and operational data from members to develop industry-wide intelligence
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Waste Stream
Waste Characterization Analysis & Data Management
Recycling Stream
Recycling Composition Data Management
Processing Contract Commodity Value
Material Audits
Contamination Rate Monitoring
Bale Audits
Residue Audits
Disposal Market
Disposal Radius Study
Contract Price Analysis
RFP Pre-positioning
Transportation & Disposal Analysis
Collection Market
Local, Regional & State Market Tracking
Processing Market
Local, Regional & State Market Tracking
County, Municipal, State & National Levels